The secret to increasing the amount of engagement you get on TikTok

Engaging with your users on TikTok will allow you to grow your profile and gain more brand partnerships.

Do you think your company should consider using TikTok as part of its social media marketing strategy? The most obvious answer is yes.

However, despite this incredible expansion, some brands are still hesitant to use TikTok as a legitimate platform to market their businesses. It’s because they believe that TikTok is only for teenagers with bad dancing skills and poor musical taste. Although Generation Z is still undoubtedly their largest user base, TikTok is beginning to attract a larger group of users, specifically young people.

What exactly is TikTok?

TikTok is a brand new social media platform that was designed to allow sharing user-generated short videos. Similar to its counterpart, videos are looped and range from 15 to 60 minutes long, offering unique opportunities to express creativity. Users can also choose to edit their preferred music, videos, or sound effects into their videos. Most popular posts available on TikTok include choreographed dance routines, viral challenges songs, pranks and lip-syncing, and comedy skits.

Posting comments on your videos to help them grow

TikTok offers a unique feature that lets you respond to a post with videos instead of responding to the comments section as you usually would.

Utilize it to create more engaging and relevant material for your followers. Your followers will appreciate the fact of your personal interaction with them, which could enhance your followers’ authenticity.

For a test, try these features:

1. Enter the comment section on the video you are watching, and select the comment that you would like to respond to.

2. Tap the red camera icon which appears to the left.

3. TikTok will take you directly to the screen for you to take notes or upload your response.

4. After you’ve created your video, you can change the text and put it in any position on the screen so that viewers can gain an understanding of your video.

Duet with other Tik Tok Influencers

Two distinct features that aren’t offered on other platforms and can be utilized to increase engagement Duets. It is possible to stitch and join your own video and turn these features on in your own videos to allow others to join in or stitch.

Similar to the duet feature, it works in the sense that it lets you make your own video from someone else’s however the video you play in a parallel fashion to your own. This feature is ideal for creating reaction footage, mimicking videos and skits. These are all great ways to engage with your audience and improve the amount of engagement. Users also create duet chains that more than two authors are members of. The more chains are created the more well-known they get, and your participation in the chain could be noticed by a larger community.

Interactive with Audience

Utilize your knowledge to understand more about the viewers of your content. Learn about their gender, age as well as where they’re from and when they’re the most active. This will allow you to share relevant content you know they’ll appreciate.

You should then engage with your followers. Engage them in their content and share and like their posts. Respond to your followers’ comments as well as DM’s. Follow accounts you enjoy and are connected to. This will make your account more prominent in the community. People will want to give back and interact with your account.

Use the Q&A function

The Q&A feature is a new feature that allows you to interact with your followers while creating high-quality content that users have requested. The feature, currently available only to users who have a Creator Account is available in your profile, under your bio. You’ll be able to see user-submitted questions that can be appreciated by other users, as well as an option to submit questions that allow users to submit questions.

After questions have been posted then you’ll be able to respond via video.

Your audience can use this feature to ask questions, such as “Please give us your everyday makeup tutorial” or “Please share your story of becoming a content creator.”

Make sure you follow these instructions to switch the feature on:

1. Create yourself as a Creator Account in your Settings.

2. After that, then go back to your Settings and select “Creator”.

3. Click on “Q&A” and then click ‘Turn on Q&A’.

4. Complete steps 2 and 3 to disable the function.

Let your followers know that you’ve enabled this feature, in order to stimulate them to ask questions.

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