How to Get The Bling Filter on TikTok? [Alternatives and Use of It]

TikTok is a popular video-creation tool that allows users to share their creativity and have fun creating videos. You can edit your videos, add text, green screen, and filters to add visual effects.

You’ve probably seen TikTok videos with a bling filter effect. Now you want to know how you can create your videos with the same effect on your TikTok. 

TikTok has many visual filters and effects you can use to make your videos stand out. One of these is the Bling filter effect. This allows you to add shining and glittering lights to your TikTok videos.

How to make TikTok bling? Many TikTok users are asking this question. Learn how to create a video with a bling filter effect on TikTok.

This post will explain how to find the bling filter effect in TikTok videos and how to use it effectively.

How to Get The TikTok Bling Filter Effect

Let’s find out how to create bling filter effects with TikTok. Follow these steps and you will be good to go to get a bling filter.

Step# 1: 

Launch TikTok and tap the “+” icon on it. To create a new video.

Step# 2: 

Next, a “Filters” “Effects” section will appear. Here you can select from different types of filters and effects like Holidays, Beauty, Trending.

Step# 3: 

Turn to “Trending” then scroll down until the bling filter effect icon appears.

Step# 4: 

To download the bling filter, click on the icon. Once the bling filter is installed, you can add it to your videos.

That’s all. As you record a new video, you can see the bling filter effect in full-screen.

TikTok Bling Filter Effect Alternatives

You may have noticed that the TikTok Bling filter effect was not available to all users in the previous report. If you don’t see the bling filter, you can still make TikTok videos shine with other options.

You can also use Sparkle effect filters on other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to give your video a sparkle effect. These apps allow you to record videos and then download them for TikTok.

How to Use The Bling Filter Effect After Recording a Video

Have you already recorded a TikTok clip? You might also want to give your videos a bling filter effect. It’s also possible.

Step# 1: 

After your video has been recorded or imported, simply go to the “Effects” option at the bottom of the screen.

Step# 2:

 Swipe the effects bar to your left until you see “Bling”. A Heart Bling filter effect can be found alongside Bling.

Step# 3:

Drag the slider towards a particular part of the video to apply a bling filter effect to it. To do this, tap and hold the “Bling icon” button. The bling filter effect can be applied to the entire video.

Step #4:

 You can play the video back to check its quality. You can save the video if you are satisfied with its results. If not, click the Save button to make more edits.

Step# 5:

Once your video is complete, press the “Next” button to upload your video on TikTok.


This is the Bling TikTok filter effect. We hope you find this post helpful. Get started with your TikTok video production using the Bling filter effect!